This Is How To Level Up Your App Dating Game

Well, it seems that meeting interesting people through dating apps is going to be one of the norms in the twenty-first century. Since this form of dating is here to stay, it might do us good to hone our skills and level up our app dating game with a few techniques.

This Is How To Level Up Your App Dating Game | Asian Date

Will Level Up Your App Dating Game For A Better Chance Of Finding A Match

Let’s face it, making an online dating profile without proper guidance will not be enough to catch the attention of potential dates. Your profile has to stand out. Also, because dating through an app is becoming a norm, more and more people are on it. This means more competition for you. So, how do you rise above the crowd and level up your app dating game?

1. The main goal is to be funny or intriguing.

When you make your profile, one of your goals is to present your best self. Yes, that can work, but according to experts, the best way to approach this would be to show off the funny or intriguing side of you. Your description should exhibit this side of your personality.

2. Avoid group photos in your first three pictures.

Group photos can be helpful and detrimental. They can weigh you down when they are put on the first three slots of the photo section of your profile. However, if you put them on the fourth, fifth or sixth, these kinds of photos can help you seem more sociable.

3. Make every photo a different scenario.

Don’t just post a photo of you on vacation. Try different scenarios so your potential dates get to know other sides of you. Try photos where you look smart (reading) or ones that show off a certain skill you have (cooking).

4. Meet after a few days of chatting.

When you feel like your chatting is going well, it’s important for you to ask your potential date to meet in real life. You don’t want the spark to fizzle. Do not wait for a week because it’s too long. Try 3-4 days of chatting.

These four simple techniques may not be very significant changes but they do work. Try them out and see how they level up your app dating game. For more tips for app dating, read other posts on the blog.