A Life Coach Advises You On How To Find The Right Partner

Do you feel like you’ve reached a point where you are convinced you’ll never find the right partner? Have you been disappointed a number of times and feel confused about the reasons why you’re single? New Zealand life coach, author, and therapist Caroline Cranshaw offers some priceless advice that will help you towards the right direction.

This is how to find the right partner.
The right partner for you is out there – do you know how to look for her?

The Right Partner Is Out There If You Know How To Look

The relationships expert has some clear and simple tips for anyone looking for a compatible girlfriend or boyfriend. Take note.

Find what you want

First of all, the life coach advises that you should make a very comprehensive list of the things that matter to you when it comes to a prospective partner. These things vary from person to person, so the things you value the most are not necessarily what others would set as a top priority. Don’t think in general terms, though. Think about what YOU want your partner to be like.

Get rid of the past

The next piece of advice has to do with getting rid of anything that might even remotely remind you of your previous relationships. Memorabilia, presents, a piece of furniture you picked together – if it reminds you of your ex, it has to go. Cranshaw describes the procedure as cleaning our fridge of the old jars and food gone bad, so that we can store the new, fresh groceries inside.

The third piece of advice the expert gives is to overcome some set idea we have about who is right for us and fighting the mistaken notions we have about love. It is true that if you are coming from an abusive environment, you will think that an abusive kind of relationship is normal and what you deserve. Fight this fallacy, though. Look for a healthy, loving and respectful kind of relationship, or you will attract all the wrong people.

Take matters into your own hands

In her article on www.thehits.co.nz, Mrs. Cranshaw goes on to advise her readers to actively start looking for the right partner by going into dating sites. She says “the person of your dreams isn’t going to knock on your door; you need to go out and find them. I look at it like looking for a job. You don’t just drift through life hoping you will bump into the perfect job, or that someone will tell you about one they know of and might set you up…”

Her last words of advice have to do with seeking professional help if you are struggling with past traumas or other kinds of emotional issues,  the way you would consult a doctor if you felt that something was wrong with your physical health.

Finding the right partner is a very personal thing, as each one of us has different emotional needs, preferences, and baggage. No one else can do it for us. Following the expert’s steps is a good way to find out what it is we are looking for, and to actively pursue it.