Might Seem Hard, But This Is How To Date An Introvert

They say opposites attract, but even though this attraction makes relationships interesting, it can also make them a little trickier too. If you are an extroverted person who has fallen in love with someone who’s the exact opposite, this is how you should date an introvert.

You'll be a little confused at first, but it's actually rewarding to date an introvert.
This is how you should behave when you date an introvert.

What To Do And What Not To Do When You Date An Introvert

Dating someone who’s the polar opposite of you can be confusing and tiring at first, but once you crack their code you will find the way to enjoy your dates a lot more.

  • Don’t take things personally. Introverted people will not always be ready to discuss how they feel or what they are thinking about. Don’t take it to heart; it has nothing to do with you.
  • Do give an introvert time to process her feelings and thoughts and when she is ready, she will discuss it with you in her own time.
  • Don’t push an introvert to open up. Asking an introverted person questions all the time will put a lot of pressure on them and make them feel awkward. Even if she does open up about something, she might feel bad about it afterwards.
  • Do learn her limits and give her air to breathe. Some nudging may be acceptable but within limits. For example, instead of asking her straightforward questions like “what are you thinking about?” be more subtle “It was a little strange at the dinner with our friends last night, don’t you think?”. So, close-ended questions are generally preferable to open-ended ones with introverts.
  • Don’t feel like you need to talk all the time when you’re together. Introverts may be enjoying themselves as much as any other person, but they tend to be far more esoteric about it.
  • Do appreciate the time they try to spend with you. Think that for a woman who’s naturally inclined to spend more time with herself to prefer your company is a big step which says a lot about how she feels about you. Sometimes her holding your hand is enough for her and should be enough for you too.
  • Don’t make fun of their behavior. Our society is more accepting of loud and extroverted people, but a great percentage of people out there are not made this way.
  • Do accept an introvert for what she is and make a pact with her to let you know when she is feeling under pressure. For example, if you’re at a social function and she feels like she is suffocating, have a contingency plan ready to get out of it.

It is natural to feel lost when you start to date an introvert when you are not the same, but in time you will learn to compromise with her and appreciate her silences and mystery as much as she will love your upbeat personality and sociable ways.

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