The Most Attractive Accent In The World

Russian, American, Spanish – there are plenty of accents in the world that sound very attractive to certain people. Despite our preferences, women have spoken in a recent survey that aimed to find out the most attractive accent in the world.

The Most Attractive Accent In The World | Asian Date

This Is The Most Attractive Accent, Women Say

A travel website conducted the study. About 1,423 women were asked about which accent they preferred. The results revealed that a majority of women loved to hear a British man speak. About 20% of the female participants thought so. Following the British accent is the Scottish twang. 18% of females thought that Scotsmen’s accents make them alluring.

On the other side of the coin, men didn’t really find the British accent to be the most attractive accent in women. Among the 1164 male participants, 19% agreed that the Israeli accent is music to their ears. Coming in second is the Colombian accent (think Sofia Vergara) which garnered an approval percentage of about 18%. To sum it all up, here are the accents by ranking:

Sexiest Accents To Women

  • British
  • Scottish
  • Spanish
  • Australian
  • Southern

Sexiest Accents To Men

  • Israeli
  • Colombian
  • Australian
  • French
  • Southern

Why Do Accents Attract Us?

So why do we love to hear specific accents? It’s because we associate different characteristics to the person who has a pronunciation that’s not the same as ours. For example, British men are commonly seen as intelligent and cultured because their accent sounds like it. Israeli women’s accent, on the other hand, can evoke images of the Mediterranean. It’s all about our mind giving us associated images or ideas, encouraging us to feel a sort of mystery and intrigue towards the person with the most attractive accent.

How To Meet People With Attractive Accents

In case you were wondering, the best places to meet people from the countries mentioned on the list above is online dating. You can try international dating sites that cater to people everywhere, not just to one specific country. Once you’ve met someone, all you have to do is give them a call or do a video chat to hear their sweet voice. For more online dating tips and updates, check out more posts on our blog.