You Won’t Expect This To Be The Most Romantic State In The US

When your girlfriend tells you that she wants to go on vacation in the most romantic state in the United States, where do you take her? At the top of your head, you’ll probably say New York or California. Well, no. It’s surprising but the most romantic state according to a survey is actually Nevada.

You Won't Expect This Place To Be The Most Romantic State | Asian Date

Why Was Nevada Name As The Most Romantic State?

A survey done by a travel agency revealed that Nevada takes home the crown. They determined this by studying data on marriage, divorce rates, romantic communication, the amount spent on gifts during Valentine’s Day, overall happiness, and openness to love. After collating all of these data, Nevada was number one.

The results are surprising because one would think that a romantic state would involve a wonderful scenery, plenty of romantic restaurants or spots to appreciate, and it should be where lovers visit the most. However, in the case of Nevada, the most telling sign was their marriage and divorce rate.

Researchers said that Nevada has the highest marriage rate with the lowest divorce rate in any state. In other words, people are staying married. You would think that getting married in a small chapel by an Elvis-impersonating priest wouldn’t ensure a lasting partnership.

Make Your Trip More Romantic

Don’t just pack your bags and get your ticket yet. It’s important for you to know that your trip won’t be automatically romantic. You have to set the mood and plan stuff out. When you arrive at Nevada, make sure that you spend time with your partner. Don’t just wander off on your own.

Go to a nice restaurant and not just some buffet. See the sights! Nevada has plenty of romantic places that you can appreciate with your loved one. Finally, since you are in Nevada already, have a romantic evening by seeing a show of your favorite performer or singer.

Ultimately, it’s not about what the state can offer you. It’s about how you spend your time as a couple that matters. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.