The Myth About Women’s Secret Desires

Men have always wondered what the secret desire of a woman is. It’s always been something of a mystery that has yet to be solved. Even if there are several books that were written about knowing what women desire the most, men seem to still be in the dark. So, what do women really want? What are their secret desires?

The Myth About Women's Secret Desire | Asian Date

Revealing The Secret Desire Of The Female Species

The books that we mentioned above often talk about the physical needs of a woman, but to tell you the truth, women can go without some bedroom time. The secret desire of a woman has less to do with the physical and more to do with intellectual and emotional.

1. Women desire to be noticed.

Women secretly want to be noticed by most men. This is why women dress in a certain way and apply makeup almost every day. Although a lot of women may not admit to it, subconsciously they want to be seen, and they want their presence to be felt.

2. Women desire to be loved.

Most women desire to be loved in a certain way. Some men don’t really appreciate wearing their heart on their sleeve and being sensitive. However, women love that the most. It’s when men show their vulnerable side that women respond to positively.

3. Women desire to be equal.

There is nothing more unfair to a woman than to go home to a million unwashed dishes after a long day at work. Help out around the house as much as possible. It’s not just the home that women desire equality but it’s a great place to start.

4. Women desire to be heard.

Women have voices and they want their voices to be heard, for their opinions to matter. A man who knows how to listen is definitely going to be at the winning end of the dating spectrum.

5. Women desire to be special.

Almost all women in the world desire to be unique, to be special, and one of a kind. You may have met someone who is very similar to the girl you are with now, but if you make your current girlfriend feel that she is one of a kind to you, your relationship will be much better and will last longer.

Most of the items on this list aren’t really secret. That’s because women have always wanted the same thing. Men often get distracted by other things in life which is why they don’t really notice that what their women desire are things that are plain and simple.

The more of these desires you meet in your relationship, the more your connection with the woman in your life will improve. For more tips about dating and improving your relationships, check out more posts on our blog.