Navigate Through Your First Couple Fight Easily

You have successfully driven through the dating game and you are now officially a “couple”. And as with any other couples, you are bound to have your first couple fight. How soon or late it occurs as well as how easily it gets resolved will depend upon your personalities. Despite this, there’s an easy way for you to navigate through your first couple with just a few scratches.

Navigate Through Your First Couple Fight Easily | Asian Date

The Phases Of Your First Couple Fight

Your first couple fight is going to go through phases. Most new couples don’t exactly know how to go from one phase to another, so to help you transition and learn more about how to get through your first couple fight, read the list below:

1. Petty conflict.

More often than not, your first couple fight will just stem from a very simple matter. Probably, will arise when your honeymoon phase is just about to end.

2. Internal outrage.

Internal outrage is also known as being “passive-aggressive”. After a small conflict has occurred, you’ll likely bottle up your emotions. There will come a time when it will build up which will lead to the next phase.

3. You vent.

Pent-up emotions, much like a volcano, can erupt anytime, sometimes without a valid reason. And, when this happens, you say unnecessarily hurtful words and do mean things out of anger.

4. Frustration

Now, you and your partner are in the heat of it. It seems that your partner cannot see the big picture or your point of view. But, from your partner’s perspective, you’re the one who is being hard headed.

5. One walks away.

When the anger and frustration become too much, desperation sets in. It seems there is no choice but to walk away. There is really no use of staying, as you feel like both of your waves of anger will just build up.

6. You stop, think, and talk.

Sometimes, walking away can be a good thing. It helps you to stop, cool down, think of a solution, and then get ready to talk to your partner.

7. You find a solution and have a resolution.

Every relationship will hit hard times. But, it is your conflict resolution that will get you through these fights. The first and foremost rule that you need to remember is that, as a couple, you should be on the same team.

Do not treat your partner as a member of the opposing team. While you may not think alike, your actions should be for the good of the relationship and not just one party.

As long as you have the right mindset and you’re focused on going through each of the phases, you will handle your first couple fight and come out with flying colors. For more tips, read other posts on our blog.