What We All Need To Know About Open Relationships

How much do we really know about open relationships? Apparently, not a lot. The subject has and is still considered taboo, which could be the main reason why we don’t have a lot of inside information on it. This isn’t to say that open relationships are a bad thing. Society also had the same reaction to online dating when it first emerged. Eventually, this kind of union will be the new norm.

What We All Need To Know About Open Relationships | Asian Date

The 101 On Open Relationships

As early as now, we need to get used to the idea that there are couples out there who are ok with this kind of set up. Let’s start with the 101 or the basics:

1. Definition

In a nutshell, couples in open relationships are ok with their partner having physical relations outside of their partnership. A good adjective to use for this kind of bond is non-monogamous. Couples can take on lovers or secondary partners. The level of involvement of the lovers would, solely, depend on what the primary couple has discussed.

2. Reason

Why do couples need lovers when they already have a partner whom they are happy with? There are different answers to this question. Couples could feel like physical intimacy with others is natural. There are those who believe that they will have better luck with open relationships because they haven’t had any luck with closed ones.

3. Rules

Just like other relationships, open ones have rules too. The rules will still depend on what the primary couple has decided but the basic ones apply:

  • There should be honesty in the relationship.
  • Respect is still a big thing.
  • Always get the consent of the other person.
  • Keep yourself protected.

4. Love

Does the primary couple have feelings for their secondary lovers? That’s a great question. According to the resources that we came across, most primary couple agree that if they start to feel anything towards their lovers, the connection is cut off. In most cases, it’s just the primary couple who is in love and the secondary ones are just for fun.

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