This New Trend In Dating Isn’t As Crude As  Sounds

The dating scene is ever evolving, and we are now faced with a new trend in dating called ‘masturdating’. Don’t worry because it’s not one of those negative ones. It is the current talk of the town but what is it exactly?

This New Trend In Dating Isn't As Crude As  Sounds | Asian Date

Everything You Need To Know About This New Trend In Dating

The new trend in dating started around 2015 in a popular TV show. But, it is making a comeback among much younger couples. Masturdating may sound crude, but there is nothing unrefined about it. Instead, the term ‘masturdating’ was just coined to put a term for taking yourself out for a date. You can have a meal or visit the cinema just yourself. Why is it actually good?

Loving Yourself

Basically, treating yourself to something that’s a little special is showing that you love yourself. It means that you are independent —you can do these things with yourself. That means that even when you are alone, you are happy, successful, fulfilled, and gratified.

You Don’t Have To Wait

In masturdating, you don’t have to wait for ‘the one’ to take you out on a date. You can simply decide and do it on your own. It can be anytime or anywhere. And, you won’t feel so bad if you have splurged on yourself. After all, you earned that money.

Discover Yourself

By taking time for yourself, you get to discover more of who you are. Yes, it can be a time of self-reflection and assessment. Spending some alone time will make you realize who and what you want in life.

Dating Detox

You can masturdate if you want to go on a dating detox. Let’s say you need a bit of rest from app dating or dating through online websites. The best way to approach this would be to show some self-love. When everything is back on track, you can return to dating through apps and sites. This way you can emerge as a brand new you with more confidence.

There was a recent survey that showed that ‘masturdating’ is becoming more and more popular. This new dating trend will give you a breather and just allow you to enjoy your alone time. For more tips about dating, read other posts on the blog.