How To Nicely End Things With Your Casual Fling

If you’ve been casually seeing a person but don’t wish to continue seeing her, you may decide it’s time to call it quits. It could be because you’ve found someone new, or just lost interest in her, but you want to end things with your casual fling in a gentlemanly manner anyhow. While a few years ago break-up texts were considered to be a thing of the devil, online dating has changed our dating etiquette too, making them very common nowadays.

Want to end things with your casual fling? This is how.

The Dignified Way To Let Your Casual Fling Down

Even though you don’t want to go on seeing the girl you dated casually, you still have respect for her and you’re too much of a classy man to ghost her, so you want to do the right thing – but you’re not sure how. Here are some ideas for the kind of messages you could send her to end things politely.

The “I-need-more” approach.

When you feel she may be a commitment-phobe and don’t see much future with her.

“Hi, I don’t think it’s a good idea to continue seeing each other. I need more than you have made clear you want to commit to. Best of luck with everything in your life, though.”

The “bad-last-date” approach.

When your last date was too boring to make you want to see her again.

“Hey, I think you’re a great person but after our last date, I don’t think we’re such a good match. No bad feelings, I just believe we’re not meant to be together.”

The “I-almost-ghosted-you” approach.

When you couldn’t bring yourself to ghost her.

“Hi, really sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve been trying to figure things out and decided we shouldn’t see each other anymore. Nothing wrong with you, I just don’t see us together.”

The “I-refuse-to-be breadcrumbed” approach.

When she’s been attempting to breadcrumb you and you will have none of it.

“Hi there. I have come to realize you only contact me when you’re bored or have nothing better to do. Thing is, I want more out of my relationships with people, so it’s not gonna work out between us I’m afraid. Take care.”

The “no, we-can’t-be-friends” approach.

When she asks you to remain friends but it’s not what you want.

“Hey, thank you for wanting to remain friends, but I don’t think I need or can handle more friends in my life right now if I’m honest. Good luck with everything – I mean it.”

The main thing to remember as you compose that breakup text message to end a casual fling is to keep a positive tone as much as possible and be as honest as you can, within the limits of politeness.