Not Ready To Settle Down? These Are The Rules For Casual Dating

Whether you are coming from a long-term relationship gone wrong, a bitter divorce, or just a bad relationship, you have the right to not want to settle down and just be into playing the field a little. As with most things in life, though, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do casual dating. Learn the rules.

Casual dating can be fun if you do it right.
There’s nothing wrong with casual dating – just do it right.

The Right Way To Do Casual Dating

With attitudes towards dating gradually changing and online dating becoming more and more widely used, casual dating has become the norm these days. If want jump on the bandwagon, these are the rules.

Rule #1 All parties should be aware of the situation. Nothing wrong with dating more than one girl, as long as every party involved knows about the kind of relationship they are in. Adults are free to choose whether they are in a relationship exclusively or if they have the right to date others at the same time too.

Rule #2 No details, please. Telling your partners you are playing the field doesn’t mean you have to go into the details of your other dates or intimate moments with other people. In fact, it is a bad idea to openly or implicitly compare one partner with another. (You may do it in your head, but don’t do it openly).

Rule #3 Mix it up. If you’re into casual dating in search of the perfect girl, why not try dating different types of ladies? You may surprise yourself dating a girl that is not your usual type. Isn’t discovering what works for you what no-strings-attached dating is all about?

Rule #4 Be a gentleman, no matter what. The fact you are dating more than one woman doesn’t mean you’ll forget your manners. Give each date the attention and care they deserve and don’t stand anyone up, be impolite to anyone or lie to them.

Rule #5 Check in with yourself regularly. It is very important to maintain constant contact with your feelings. You may have entered the casual dating game determined not to develop feelings, but life happens. If you find yourself not enjoying it anymore, or if you develop a special fondness for one of your dates, be honest about it – first with yourself and then maybe your partners too.

Hope this advice helps you make the most of your casual dating. Above all, don’t forget to have fun with it.

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