Online Daters Are Looking For More Than Good Looks

If you think that people who are into online dating are basing their matches solely on good looks, think again. Plenty of people believe that the process of finding partners via the internet has made mate selection shallower but one research begs to differ. It’s not just about good looks.

Online Daters Are Looking For More Than Good Looks | Asian Date

Online Daters’ Don’t Just Focus On Good Looks

Isn’t it surprising? A recent survey showed that good looks and material possessions don’t matter that much anymore. What online daters are looking at is the credit score. This survey polled about 2000 US adults who either have an active dating profile or have met their partner online.

58% of the participants agreed that having a good credit score can add to your total mate value. 50% said that this is more important than having a fancy job title, and 40% said that they would rather have someone with a good credit score than someone who is buff.

The Reason Behind The Numbers

Your credit score can say a lot about who you are. Yes, having a nice car or a fancy suit could be impressive, but, according to the survey, these are not good indicators of financial responsibility.

Just to make things clear, it’s not about the money either. When someone is financially responsible, it could hint to how they are going to be in the future. If you’re someone with a good credit score, it could mean that:

  • You’re good with your money.
  • The future that you can offer is secure and stable.
  • You could be a good provider for your family.

There are other great characteristics that go with this. Based on the survey participants thought that those with a good credit standing are smart, responsible and trustworthy. Wouldn’t you want your future spouse to have these qualities?

So, starting today, don’t focus all of your energy into maintaining your good looks. Get some of that energy and put it into maintaining or improving your credit score. It’s not going to be immediate, of course, but it might just help you get your next date. For more tips and updates on dating, read more on our blog.