Online Dating Advice – Picking the Best Asian Dating Portal

There is a multitude of online dating portals that cater to men who are interested in specifically dating Asian women. The number of these portals keeps growing because these ladies are the most popular in the online dating scene. The fact that there are so many sites out there can make picking the right Asian dating site difficult, and that is what this article is about – it offers tips on how to find the best site around.

AsianDateThe number one thing you want to pay attention to when dating online is safety, so the first thing you need is to make sure that the site you register on has a tough anti-scam policy. The best portals offer money-back guarantees should something go wrong. Other also vital things to pay attention to are:


Check which Asian dating portals have been featured in popular magazines and talk shows. Anything that makes it onto the so-called “big stage” carries a stamp of approval. Take a look at what wrote back in 2010 – an article on online dating and included a list of 10 websites you should go for. One should also check for every site’s online reviews. It is important to know both the good and the bad side of the portal.

Researching Users

You should be clear on the demographic you are after. That means your preferred age, build, ethnicity and so on. Check what every potential choice’s demographic is. There is no use in spending a lot of time on a site that has a small number of the kind of women you would like to date. Usually, sites give out numbers on how many users from which region have registered with the site.

Features & Cost

After making sure, the online dating site has an anti-scam policy, has popularity, and the right demographic, next you want to check for the cost and the features offered on the portal. A lot of portals offer a three-month or six-month free membership, but it isn’t likely that you find a soulmate in that time. Therefore, you are going to have to invest in a membership. Make sure the site has the features you are looking for – it would be ideal if they offer translation services and don’t cost too much.


Choosing the right Asian dating website is essential if you want to have success with finding an ideal partner. Make sure you use the list we provided and good luck with your dating.