Make Her Shiver: The Only Time A Scared Partner Is A Good Thing

Scary situations are no fun at all. For example, if you were to wake up in the middle of the night and you see a ghostly figure. You would probably run outside your house and go to your neighbor’s. Let’s change the situation a little bit. What if you were watching a scary movie with your girl? Your scared partner may make you laugh. Most would say that doing so would be a fun experience.

Make Her Shiver: The Only Time Your Partner Being Scared Is A Good Thing | Asian Date

Science Says Having A Scared Partner Might Bring You Closer

Let’s examine the two situations for a minute. Why is it that we go to a horror houses or we watch scary movies with our partners? For the most part, it’s considered a good time. Science explains that it’s all because in scary situations that we can control – like the horror room, for example – we don’t feel real fear.

The emotions that we go through are: surprised, overwhelmed, shocked and so on. Situations like this can stimulate excitement within us but not necessarily our fight or flight response.

In situations where you can experience real fear, your life being in danger for example, is something that heightens our senses and makes us withdraw to our basic instinct. We go into survival mode.

Make It Into A Bonding Experience

Now that we know that watching scary movies, playing a scary prank, or going to a horror house can be a fun experience, we can use this as a bonding moment. This Halloween, or even if it’s not Halloween, treat your partner to a scary date. Some ideas that you can follow are:

  • Tell your partner a scary story. It’s cheesy if you think about it but if it’s a first for you relationship, why not try it out?
  • Take your partner on a short trip. The trip has to be to a local place that has been rumored haunted.

Of course, scaring someone is not a light matter, and should be done consensually and to someone you know well enough to know their boundaries. Remember that your partner will have a better time if he or she knows before hand that everything is just for a good time. Don’t go overboard with your scaring. Make it light and make it fun. Go ahead and try something new, and, in this case, something scary, as Halloween is approaching. Watch your scared partner and let the fun begin. For more dating tips, check out posts from the rest of our blog.