How To Overcome Dating Rejection

Datin rejection is common. It’s part of the dating process. It’s simply how it goes since we cannot really convince everyone to like us in a romantic way. Since we can’t avoid being rejected, the best way for us to move forward is to overcome or conquer dating rejection through acceptance.

How To Overcome Dating Rejection | Asian Date

Overcoming Dating Rejection Takes Practice

Of course, it’s much easier said than done because we will still feel the pain no matter how we condition our mind to accept the inevitable. Instead of just focusing on accepting the rejection, you can try the following exercises:

Repeat This One Sentence

“I decide how much I am worth” – it’s a simple sentence, but it is going to remind you that only you will now and dictate your worth. You should never allow other people to do this for you. Yes, you may feel a little less worthy when someone rejects you, but think of it as though the person did not see how valuable you truly are.

You’re Giving Others The Power

Have you ever asked yourself how much power you give to others? For example, if someone leaves a nasty comment on your social media post, would you just let it go? Or, would you pursue this person and demand an apology? There are things that you should never get under your skin because they are a waste of time.

Idealizing Someone

Idealizing means that you paint a picture of this person that’s perfect. Experts say when you start to do this, you are giving the person you are idealizing all of your power. You never want to do this when you are dating because you will easily fall for the idea and not the real person. Get to know someone better by dropping all of your expectations and your daydreams.

When Dealing With Dating Rejection, Remember It Is All In The Mind

When you keep doing the tips above, you’ll get better at handling dating rejection. You might even gain a bit of confidence in the process. For more dating tips and reviews, make sure you check out the rest of the posts from the blog.