Why It’s Perfectly Fine Not To Be Facebook Friends With Your Partner

They say that anything that wasn’t shared on Facebook never happened at all. However, there are some couples out there who strongly disagree with this view, choosing not to even friend their S.O. on Facebook or Instagram. Do the couples who choose not to be Facebook friends with each other have a point?

Not being Facebook friends may not be such a bad idea.
Is it ok if you decide not to be Facebook friends with each other?

Is It Bad News Not To Be Facebook Friends With Your Girl?

Not necessarily. If you both agree that it’s something you want to do, and if you trust each other and see nothing suspicious about this decision, it can be a wise decision. In fact, according to a recent survey by law firm Slater and Gordon, one out of four couples argue weekly, and 17% daily, because of each other’s social media activity.

Some partners claim that they are put off by the idea of having an online relationship with their IRL partner. Some of them find the whole thing meaningless and silly, or they dislike feeling like they are constantly judged for their posts by their partner’s family or circle of friends, choosing to keep their own circle of people (and their posts) to themselves.

Others just dislike the act of their private life becoming public. They don’t see the point in making comments underneath each other’s posts or sending birthday e-cards and songs or discussing things openly for everyone to see. Why do some people type things on their partner’s post when their partner is sitting across the room? That just seems absurd to them.

A third argument made by partners who choose not to be Facebook friends is the old saying “familiarity breeds contempt”. In their view, constant exposure of your views, likes, experiences, and tastes can make your partner grow tired of you, and vice versa. This sense of being under the scrutiny of your partner 24/7 can make each other grow tired and give them the sense of knowing each other perhaps a little too well, making quality time together harder to find.

Last but not least, despite our best efforts to be honest about ourselves on social media, the opinions people will form about us from the things we post are not 100% accurate. It’s easier for our partners to also form wrong and misguided ideas about who we are, often causing them to draw the wrong conclusions about us. Why risk such misunderstandings?

Ultimately, the decision to be Facebook friends with your girl or not is up to you, but there are definitely solid arguments for both sides. At the end of the day, it’s in our hands to make good use of technology and what it has to offer us.