How To Get Over Your Pistanthrophobia And Finally Find Love

In our lifetime, our trust has probably been broken more times by past loves than we can count. We definitely shouldn’t allow our past experiences to dictate how our present will be, and this includes how we find someone to love. But, there are those of us that have developed pistanthrophobia because of previous hurts.

How To Get Over Your Pistanthrophobia And Finally Find Love | Anastasia Date

Getting Over Pistanthrophobia In A Healthy Way

Pistanthrophobia is not trusting people because of bad experiences in previous relationships. For example, if a former partner cheated on you, then it’s possible for you to develop this type of phobia. Since you become suspicious, you may cause unnecessary tension in your relationship. So, how do you deal with pistanthrophobia?

1. Fresh Mindset

Before going into a relationship or before you start dating, make sure that your mind is clear. You shouldn’t go into it already suspicious. You have to erase everything and begin with a clean slate.

2. Change Your Pattern

If you want for things to change, you have to do your best to change yourself. For example, change the way you date, compose chat messages, or even the way you approach people. Change your pattern gradually so you’ll be able to see the change in your surroundings.

3. Healing Time

Have you ever considered that you need more time to heal? It may be possible that you are not ready to date yet. You could be harboring plenty of hurt feelings within that you haven’t resolved. It’s best to do a thorough self-assessment before you start dating.

4. Professional Help

If all else fails, it’s best to seek professional advice. There may be issues that you cannot handle all by yourself. It’s best to be guided, especially about the questions to yourself that you cannot answer.

Make the effort to change your ways in a way that’s healthy. If you truly want to find love or make any relationship last, you have to overcome your trust issues. For more dating posts and tips, read other posts on the blog.