Preparing for a First Date with an Asian Woman

We all know that first dates can be nerve-wracking and more so if you really like the person. You want to leave a great impression, and hopefully she will say yes to another date. If you are a worrier or haven’t gone on a date for some time, the pressure builds easily. It is important to remember that it is an Asian woman you are going to date, so the process isn’t what you are used to. Read on to learn how you must prepare for a first date with an Asian woman.

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What You Must Know Before A First Date With an Asian Woman

1. Make Plans for Where to Take Her

It is vital that you are very clear on where you want to take her. You are familiar with your neighborhood so choose a place where you can talk – a place that is not loud, but has a relaxed atmosphere. A smaller café or restaurant will do the trick. Think of places where you both can feel comfortable with each other.

2. Outfits

After you have come up with the perfect location, the next step is planning what you will wear. You can leave suits and anything fancy aside. You will need to look presentable and be comfortable. Check what your definition for this is because if comfortable and presentable equals a t-shirt and sweat pants to you then you need to change it. Just use Google and type in “first date outfit ideas”.

3. Topics for Conversation

Pay special attention to this point. It is essential to be aware of which topics you should avoid and which are safe. Dating experts recommend that when dating Asian women, you should keep from talking about family, finances, past relationships and also race specific stereotypes.


In the West, it makes sense to ask about a person’s family and have them respond in length. However, in Asia it is okay to ask only basic things like names, where her family lives, what school did they go to and so on. Anything beyond that is considered a NO-NO.


Discussing money is almost always rude with Asians. In their culture, people don’t brag about how much they have or complain about how little they have. Lots of topics file under this: how much you both earn, how much your house or car costs, how much you spend on vacations and so on. You don’t want the woman you are on a first date with to think you are trying to impress her with money.

Past Relationships

Most Asian nations are still conservative and especially so in relationships. Asking about past relationships will likely make her uncomfortable. She may have had several relationships or very few. Either way she will want to keep it to herself.


We have all heard these. A good example is asking “What kind of Asian are you?”. You may be thinking that all you are asking is where she is from, but it will come across incredibly rude. Even if you are very tempted to ask this, don’t do it.

4. Be a Perfect Gentleman

Asian women expect several things on the first date. Among them is gentlemanly behavior. For example, you should have a good budget for the first date because you should pay. Remember that the place doesn’t need to be very fancy but after dinner, it would be a great idea to take her to another location for ice cream or dessert.

5. Mental Preparation

This is our last piece of advice. When you have taken care of the previous 4 points, then the last thing to do is mental preparation. If you have no issues with being too excited, then feel free to skip this part. If you need to gain some confidence, then we recommend a good workout and watching some first date videos. These two will calm your nerves.

You’re Good to Go!

These tips will greatly help you out when preparing for a first date with an Asian woman, but you aren’t limited to just these 5. It is also important to present and show off your character and personality. Keep in mind that you need to be who you are. Trying to impress her with half-truths is not going to go over too well. Have fun on your first date and hopefully you will find your soulmate.

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