Proven Online Dating Tactics Men Use To Get Responses

You’re likely on this post now because you’re wondering about different online dating tactics that other men use to get numerous responses from women online. First of all, forget about what you are doing because it is, clearly, not working out at all. When you have your mind cleared of those ancient online dating tactics, read on.

Proven Online Dating Tactics Men Use To Get Responses | Asian Date

The Smoothest Online Dating Tactics That Work Every Time

The online dating tactics on this list will better your chances of getting more responses in any online dating app or online dating website, and, hopefully, they will also get you more dates:

1. Use full-body pictures.

What does pictures have to do with online dating? A lot! A dating site researched into how pictures affected the choices of their online daters. Those involved in the study found that men who used full-body pictures were more likely to get responses (approximately 203% more than those who did not use full-body pictures).

2. Send messages at the right time.

You may not know this but based on the same research, women’s peak hours for online dating are between 10:00pm – 11:00 pm. To better your chances, you can try sending messages during these hours.

3. Send messages that are witty.

When you have the number two tip down, you have to, next, figure out what to say. Take your clues from past posts we did, but, ultimately, we say it on this blog over and over again – you’ll be able to send witty messages if you read a woman’s dating profile and you get your topics from there.

Example: (The lady likes watching Game of Thrones)

You can say: “I’m like Jon Snow – I know nothing…about you. My name is Mike, what’s your favorite episode from season 7?”


These three tips should get you started. One more thing, these online dating tactics work best when you apply them with confidence. Try these tactics out and let us know how it worked for you.

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