We Push People Away By Doing These Actions

We never want to push the ones we love away. When we finally find the person we care so much for, we try our best to keep them around. We put effort into the relationship, plus we give our undivided time. Commonly, however, we forget to be devoted because life gets in the middle. As a result, we push people away unintentionally.

We Push People Away By Doing These Actions | Asian Date

We Are Unaware That These Behaviors Push People Away

When we are under stress or if we have a lot in our mind, we tend to act out. Our acting out will depend on several factors, like our culture or our upbringing. Most of the time, we lash out in anger. We, then, push people away because we yell and we scream. We also commonly do the following:

1. We Don’t Argue Fairly

We push people away when we do not argue fairly. Usually, one person in the relationship will be a better communicator than the other. When an argument arises, one person will always win because he or she can communicate his or her emotions better.

2. Criticism

Criticism can rot any relationship from the inside out. Constructive criticism is a different story, but when you are the type who is always nagging down your partner, you’re definitely going to lose your connection with him or her.

3. Lack Of Empathy Can Push People Away

Have you ever seen your partner go through something? Have you ever seen him or her so down in the dumps that they can barely wake up in the morning? If you do not show empathy during these crucial moments, then your partner will feel like you do not care.

One of the biggest keys to avoiding all of this is to never take your relationship for granted. Always be aware of your actions, and think of your partner as well as yourself. Don’t just think about your needs. Everything can be discussed calmly so make sure you remember this next time you have a fight. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.