Questions That Will Determine Relationship Success

Relationship success is difficult to determine at the beginning. When a couple starts dating, they go through the honeymoon phase where everything is simply perfect. This phase can last from six months to about a year, which makes it difficult to say if the relationship can last because there are fewer hardships that a couple is facing.

Questions That Will Determine Relationship Success | Asian Date

Determine Relationship Success A Few Months After The Honeymoon Phase

However long or short the honeymoon phase of a couple is, after the end of it is the best time to determine relationship success through specific questions. If you are in this phase already, you can double check if your relationship will make it or not by answering the following:

Do you and your partner accept each other for who you truly are?

If you or your partner tries to change the other, then there’s something wrong. It’s absolutely okay to change for the better, but if one person forces the other to become someone they are not, it is a big red flag. Both people have to accept each other, without masks or walls, for the relationship to last.

Does your partner make you a better person?

One of the benefits of being in a relationship is that both people in it grow together as separate individuals. There are a lot of lessons to be learned when you have a person in your life. But, if the case is the opposite, as in your partner brings out the worst in you, you have to think about your relationship again.

Are you each others’ bestfriend?

Long-term or successful couples have always said that their partner is their bestfriend. This is because they can tell the other anything without any judgment. They also share their victories with their significant other, so it’s like having a partner that supports you in every way.

Be Honest With Your Answers To Determine Relationship Success

If you feel like your relationship is in bad shape, you have to do something about it. Turn your awareness on to see exactly what you have to improve. For more tips about dating and improving relationships, read other posts on the blog.