Real Reason Why Most Asian Dating Sites Require Payment

If you’ve been online dating for a while, you’ve probably wondered why top Asian dating sites, as well as others, require you to input your credit card number when signing up. Or, why these sites charge for certain services or features they offer. In retrospect, we traditionally meet dates without paying for anything so why can’t online dating be the same?

Real Reason Why Most Asian Dating Sites Require Payment
Find out why some Asian dating sites require payment and some don’t.

The Truth About Asian Dating Sites Requiring Payment

Today, we’re finally going to answer your question. It is true that we don’t normally pay to date people in an offline setting, but because the platform is different, you can also expect that people’s behaviors will be different online. This list should explain it:

1. People who pay are generally serious about online dating.

The payment you make on Asian dating sites, or on any online dating site for that matter, shows your commitment. If you opt for a free dating site, it doesn’t mean that you’re not committed, but let’s admit that the people you will find there will be those who are only curious about online dating or who are only looking for hook-ups instead of serious relationships.

2. Paid dating sites screen members.

When you’re on a paid dating site, you don’t have to come across dating profiles that are empty or have been abandoned. Top dating sites see to it that their members’ profiles meet the site’s standards for the profile to go live. And abandoned user accounts are simply taken off the site.

AnastasiaDate, for example, gives out free credits for members who complete their online dating profile based on the site’s requirements. Some dating sites like AsianDate even go the extra mile by verifying the identity of its members.

3. Paid dating sites offer member protection.

Because you are paying, the dating companies that run the sites need to make sure that you receive the best possible service, and that includes member protection. See the dating sites that you are signed up to and check a page on the site that says something like member protection. Top paid dating sites usually have an official statement or page of how they protect their members.

Just to give you an idea, has a safety team that double checks all of the activities that take place on the website. Their job is to protect the members from scams or other members that misrepresent themselves.

Now you have your answer. In a nutshell, the payment is there to weed out those who are not serious about online dating. Share this post if you agree with our answer to your question. For more online dating tips, do check out the rest of our posts on our blog.