Possible Reasons Why You Did Not Get A Second Date

It can sometimes be mind-boggling if you did not hear from a person you’re interested in after a great first date. Could it be that it wasn’t as good as you thought it was? Is there something wrong with you? These are the most common questions you ask yourself as you figure out possible reasons why you did not get a second date.

Possible Reasons Why You Did Not Get A Second Date | Asian Date

The Reason Why You Didn’t Get A Second Date Has Nothing To Do With You

In most cases, we look inwardly for answers. We examine ourselves and what we could have possibly done that ruined our chances of having a second date. Actually, it’s the opposite. The reason why your would-have-been partner did not give you another chance has everything to do with the person and not with you:

Your Date Likes You But Not Romantically

There are times when your date turns out to be one of the best people to hang out with. He or she is both fun and funny. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the spark will be there. Well, sometimes it is, but there are time when it won’t be. You just have to accept that the partnership in your head was not written in the stars.

Not Over The Ex

Don’t judge, first of all. Everyone goes through their own journey to healing. Yes, it’s a bit unfair for one person to start dating when they are not over their last love, but it’s their personal journey. With this possible reason, you can do nothing but to move forward.

In Some Way, You’re Too Good

You might be surprised with this entry, but it’s true. There are people out there that carry baggage that are too heavy. Instead of just going for the person who can make them happy, they flee from him or her. It’s ironic, but it’s really possible for a person to doubt or second guess someone who is, in their eyes, too good to be true.

Now that you know that it’s not because of something you did, you have to let go of the thought that you are not enough. Don’t allow it to consume your life, and make sure that you concentrate on working on yourself for the better. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.