Reasons Why “Be Yourself” Is The Worst Dating Advice

‘Be Yourself’ is probably the most common online dating advice there is. When you ask your friends or your family what you need to do to improve your chances of getting a date or an online date, they will likely say that you should not change a bit, and it’s better to be yourself. That sounds like a solid advice, right? Wrong.

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Dating Advice: Don’t Just “Be Yourself”

While the advice may be given with good intentions, most of us translate this advice in a way that’s passive. We should be ourselves, we should not change, we should remain the same, or however you translate it. We need to look at this as the worst dating advice ever because it doesn’t inspire us to take action.

Looking for the perfect person is just one-half of the equation. We need to be the right person for our match too. Also, think about this for a second: you’ve probably been yourself all this time, but you still don’t have a date. This is a good sign that you’re interpreting this dating advice in a passive way.

What Attracts People To You

In the online dating world, people are attracted to what you project. This statement means that people are going to be attracted to your lifestyle, to your beliefs, to your values in life, and the like. For example, you want to meet someone who looks fit, but you’re not really the type who exercises.

How is that going to work? Because you’re not projecting living a lifestyle that is healthy, or that you hit the gym every day, how are you going to attract somebody who does?

What You Need To Do Instead

It’s advisable for you to be the person you want to meet. If you want someone who’s adventurous, be adventurous. If you want to meet someone who travels a lot, you have to love traveling yourself. So, instead of “being yourself” you have to become the right person for your future partner.

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