Reasons Why Office Flings Are Never A Good Idea

Love is a lot like lightning; you cannot predict when and where it will strike. It might strike you as you’re getting your coffee at your favorite cafe tomorrow. It could strike you when you’re on the dating website you’ve signed up to. And, love could strike as you are working on your desk, minding your own business. The first two scenarios are manageable, but before you decide on having office flings, you better think twice.

Reasons Why Office Flings Are Never A Good Idea | Asian Date
Is an office fling worth it?

What To Know About Office Flings

Fling is defined as a “short period of enjoyment or wild behavior.” If you take the meaning of the word “fling” and think about it in the context of relationships, you’d probably get a clearer picture as to why your HR department frowns upon co-workers being in a relationship. If not, the following reasons should clear everything up.

  1. A fling is something temporary. The aftermath of the fling could affect the work ethics as well as the work environment of the people involved.
  2. If a fling ended on a bad note, it could get awkward in the office.
  3. If you are the boss and you’re in a relationship with a subordinate, some HR departments prohibit that. If not, the couple has to disclose their relationship to HR so the unit can determine if there is a conflict of interest. This sounds messy already.
  4. This is in connection with #3. If you don’t know what your company’s policies are on co-workers entering a relationship, you need to research it which is extra work for you.
  5. You could get distracted as you are working. Your love-drunkenness, if it does reach that point, could lead you to use your phone during office hours, or use the office email to send love messages and the like.

The bottom line is that having a fling with your co-worker can affect your career or work performance which your company, and boss, will not like. Is the fling really worth sacrificing your career for? Think about the answer long and hard before you make up your mind about office flings.

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