Relationship Facts You Must Know Before You Get Married

There is no doubt that getting married is a big step to make. It’s a formal commitment that marks a new phase in a couple’s relationship and one that should fortify their love and bond. While there’s no guarantee for success or no magic recipe that works for everyone, there are some vital relationship facts every person about to get married should be aware of.

These relationship facts will help you have a happier married life.
Love is necessary to make a marriage work, but is it enough?

How Many Of These Relationship Facts Do You Know?

We like to think that love is enough for marital bliss, but the harsh reality is that it takes a lot more than that to make a marriage work. Read some of the most useful relationship facts and prepare to be surprised by some of them.

Fact #1: Familiarity breeds contempt if you feed it. Many couples enter a marriage feeling too sure about their relationship. In this spirit, they think it’s perfectly alright to roll their eyes on their partner, waste no time pointing the finger and generally be judgmental. The fact a person wants to spend the rest of their life with you now doesn’t mean you can take their love for granted and turn into a finger-pointing monster.

Fact #2: Marital bliss does not happen instantly. If you move into a house together for the first time after you get married, expect some bickering to ensue. In fact, relationship specialists say that the whole ‘honeymoon phase’ may be a myth and that harmony at home usually comes after the 1st year of marriage. Two different people living one common life means that two different personalities need to both make compromises.

Fact #3: The ‘7-year itch’ is not a myth. Contrary to the ‘honeymoon phase’, there seems to be a lot of truth to the ‘7-year itch’. Psychologists specializing in marriage and relationship counseling say that problems in relationships tend to raise their ugly head after the 6th year of a couple’s common life. They advise couples to act immediately rather than sweep them under the rug.

Fact #4: We’ve said this before – you should cuddle as much as you can. Cuddling has been found to release happiness chemicals in the brain, and it also increases the intimacy, desire, and satisfaction between a couple. Trivial as it might seem, you wouldn’t believe how many married couples avoid physical contact. Keeping your hands on each other can have a very positive effect on your relationship and marriage.

Fact #5: Arguments can strengthen your relationship. Many people avoid having arguments, for fear of weakening their relationship. In actual fact, it is not whether you have an argument with your partner, but the way you have it that can damage things. Healthy arguments can give both of you a better idea of what works for each one of you, while maintaining communication channels open is of the essence in every relationship.

Marriage is not a destination, it’s a journey in its own right. Being as informed as you can and as attentive as possible is the only way to make this journey a good one.

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