Relationship Questions You Should Not Be Asking After A Year

When you have been together with your significant other for about a year, there are certain things that you absolutely should expect. For example, you no longer need to ask relationship questions like whether the person you are with is committed because a year is enough for your partner to prove his or her love for you.

Relationship Questions You Should Not Be Asking After A Year | Asian Date

Relationship Questions You Should Already Have Answers To

After a year, you should already be sure about your love for each other. It’s supposed to be understood that you have already established your foundations as a couple. A few more relationship questions that you should not be asking are:

1. What type of relationship am I in?

You should already know what type of relationship you’re in. Are you dating casually or just for fun? Are you in a long-term relationship? It’s been a year so you should assume that it’s long-term, but if you’re still second guessing, then it’s a big red flag.

2. Are my partner’s flaws acceptable?

After a year, you have already seen your partner’s flaws and have already accepted them. If not, like if you are still not sure if you can accept how annoying your partner is, then you should question how deep your connection truly is. It’s not just one way too because you should be double checking if your partner accepts the flaws he or she sees in you.

3. Where is the relationship going?

What do you think would be the end result of your relationship? Will you end up together? Of course, even if you are not certain that you will get married, at least you have a similar vision of where your relationship is headed.

You Should Already Have Answers To These Relationship Questions

If you don’t know what the answers are to these relationship questions, you probably need to take a second look at your relationship. Think about where your relationship is headed because it is apparent that you are unsure of your status since there are questions that you still don’t have answers to. For more relationship and dating tips, read other posts on the blog.