Relationship Tip: How To Handle An Ex Asking To Hang Out

When you’re in a relationship, you want to be as cool and as open-minded as possible because no one intends to be with someone who is controlling, jealous and suspicious. But, as much as we want to be that person, it becomes extra hard when our partner’s ex suddenly asks to hang out. What gives? And, what’s the best relationship tip for this scenario?

Relationship Tip How To Handle Her Ex Asking To Hang Out | AsianDate
Will you let her hang out with her ex?

Relationship Tip: Handling The Ex-Situation Like A Pro

No one wants to be thought of as jealous, possessive and untrusting in a relationship, but you have to admit that her ex, asking for her time, is off-putting. Why would her ex ask for her time in the first place? You have to be careful, though, because you still want to be cool and handle the situation the right way. Here are ways you can do this:

1. Ask your partner why hanging out is necessary.

First, you have to ask why it is necessary for your girlfriend to hang out with her ex, if it even is necessary at all. If the purpose is for business, then you can consider letting your girl do it, but if it’s so they can catch up, you’d have to say no because what’s the point, right?

2. Communicate how you feel.

It’s easy to feel angry, betrayed and frustrated in a situation like this, so you have to make sure that your partner knows exactly how you feel. It’s important that you tell her that you trust her completely, but it’s a situation that makes you uncomfortable. As you do this, make sure that you’re not shouting, or sounding like you’re opening and argument.

3. Turn the tables.

As you are talking to your partner, ask her whether it would be ok for her if the tables were turned, like if your ex suddenly asked you out to dinner just to catch up. Doing so will let her see things from your perspective.

4. Come to a conclusion.

After you’ve talked about everything, you have to decide whether or not to let your lady go with her ex. If she convinces you that it’s just going to be casual and quick, then you can let her do so, but if it’s eating you up inside and she still wants to go, you have to assess the relationship.

When a lady is into you or is in love with you, she will consider how you feel when she makes major decisions. And, yes, whether to hang out with an ex or not is a major decision because it can affect the relationship you are currently in.

We hope that this relationship tip has helped you handle this situation the right way. We have more relationship advice on the blog so make sure to check out more of our posts.