What To Remember When It Comes To Difference Between Genders

The battle between men and women has long been happening. Although it’s only a hypothetical war (not really a literal one), there has been plenty of emotional casualties because of the difference between genders. Though years have already passed, the question, “Who is the superior gender?” still remains.

What To Remember When It Comes To Difference Between Genders | Asian Date

Understanding The Diffence Between Genders

Yes, men and women are very different. However, it doesn’t mean that the differences we observe, especially when we are in a relationship, are all bad. For example, females are often viewed as the more sensitive of the specifies, and that’s great. There are men who are sensitive too, but they are rare. If a man is not as sensitive as a woman, then it’s simply because it is his nature. Other things that we need to remember are:

1. Evolutionary Differences

One main point that we always forget is that men and women evolve differently. In the past, men were bred to be warriors so they had to show lesser sympathy so they don’t think twice about killing their prey. As for women, because they were left in the village, they became more expressive because they were always talking with their “pact”.

2. Evolutionary Differences Complicate Everything

Yes, it sounds like men and women have evolved in the opposite direction. Fast forward to now, the difference between genders has caused to much trouble especially when it comes to our romantic connections.

3. Eons Of Symbiotic Relationships

Despite the differences, we need to remember that men and women have co-existed for ages. We can, too, in this modern day. All we have to do is accept each others’ differences and adjust to them, especially if the differences are innate and cannot be changed.

The main point is that we should stop asking which gender is better. It’s like asking a person which is better, spots or stripes. The answer can go either way, but it’s not about what one can or cannot do. It’s about accepting and then adapting to the difference of the other person, especially when in a relationship or when dating. For more tips, read other posts on the blog.