This Is How You Should Respond To Mixed Signals

Mixed signals can make anyone go crazy. It can happen when you are online dating or dating in real life. You can either be a man or a woman, and the feeling of uncertainty can just suck the life out of you. How do you deal with someone you are dating or interested in who gives you mixed signals?

Here Are Better Ways To Respond To Mixed Signals | Asian Date

The Best Ways To Deal With Mixed Signals

Although getting mixed signals can be frustrating, you shouldn’t blow off your lid or just leave your date hanging. If you find yourself not getting the Is your date or partner sending you mixed signals? Here are some ways to deal with it:

Step Back

You have probably invested too much thought and emotion in this person. You are already probably hearing wedding bells in your sleep. But, it seems you are not getting anywhere. Then you better take a step back and assess the situation. You might be the only party who is really into the relationship and you will just be subjecting yourself to heartache if you persist.

Do Not Be Anxious

Anxiety can eat us up alive. Do not pause your life just because you are waiting for the relationship to prosper. Instead, be productive. It can be a hobby, a charitable act, or a movement, but do something productive after work so that you will not spend so much time thinking about the probabilities of this date.

Keep Dating

Do not hold the world for this person. If he or she is taking you for granted, do not close your doors. Know more people and spend time with them, too.

Don’t Act Needy

One of the things that your date may be giving you mixed signals is because you appear too needy. He or she might not be ready to take on the next step, but you are already acting out like a needy spouse. That can be a big turn off. Learn to play it cool.

Remind Him Or Her Of Happy Times

If you don’t hear from the other person for several days, you can show up at their place. Bring some food or drinks but don’t make any confrontation about the “silent” days. After spending some light moments together, leave like there’s no commitment. This may also be a good opportunity to find out if they are dating other people.

If you can no longer stand the mixed signals, all you have to do is talk to the other person straightforwardly. This will give you a better understanding of the situation and will help you assess if you will continue hoping or just walk out. For more dating tips, do read other posts on our blog.