Romance Killing Messages on Dating Apps

It’s no secret that dating apps are easy to use. In fact, they’re so easy that a lot of people don’t find it necessary to give a second thought to their profiles or their messages. They settle for generic messages like, “hi” or “what’s up?” Neither message is appealing to Asian ladies, in fact they are a romance killing actions.

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Romance Killing Behavior You Should Avoid

“Hi” can work most of the time, but, men, please understand that a “hi” does not spark any fireworks in a woman’s heart. “Hi” is something that a friend would say. In short, it is a total romance killer! Here are a few other messages that rate zero on the romance meter on AsiaDate dating apps.

You look good, beautiful, fit, pretty, sexy, etc.

If the only thing that you noticed in a lady is her looks, it is a total romance killer. Take it from romantic comedy movies! Romance doesn’t always start with physical attraction. When messaging on dating apps, it shouldn’t be based on appearances too. Ladies in general like that a guy sees their heart and not their face or figures.

What type of Asian are you?

Ah, yellow fever. AsiaDate ladies get a lot of these messages whether on the website or the dating app. There’s nothing wrong with asking someone their nationality. It just needs to be phrased in a way that it does not sound offensive. If you ask “what kind of Asian are you?” from the get go, you’ll give an Asian lady the feeling that you may be in for her because she’s Asian – romance killer alert!

Whats up? Wattup? Wazzup?

“Whats up? Wattup?, Wazzup?” – These are all slang abbreviations for expressions that aim to know what someone is doing now or what someone is up to. They’re commonly used in real life, but they sound generic when used when dating on dating apps. If you want to be remembered on AsiaDate, you should avoid any generic messages.

If you’re guilty of one, two, or all of these romance-killing messages, it is time for you to change your strategy. To know what to send, how to compose your first online dating message and how to date Asian women successfully, visit our blog.