Are You In a Roommate Marriage?

 Without their knowing, many couples have reached the point of having a roommate marriage. While the circumstances that surround each married life are different, the fact is, this situation doesn’t happen overnight. But what is a roommate marriage and how does it develop?

Are You In a Roommate Marriage | Asian Date

How You Sneakily End Up Being In A Roommate Marriage

There could be so many factors that lead a once in love couple to treat each other like roommates. This is basically what roommate marriage is. You’re no longer married to the love of your life, but to a roommate who can either be present or absent at any given situation. It doesn’t matter whether this person is active in your life or not.

You’ll know that you’re in a roommate marriage when everything you do is separate from your partner. You lead different lives. They may intertwine at rare times, but most of the time you’re just there minding your own business.

How To Change Your Relationship

Things are not lost when you’ve found yourself in a roommate marriage. It is a silent epidemic but there’s always a cure or a way to change things back to its passionate state:

1. Change Your Perspective

How does your spouse look to you right now? Does he or she seem like a nagger or a person who doesn’t take care of him or herself? It could be that you see your spouse as someone who is dense or someone who is not worth to be listened to. Maybe looking at your spouse as more of a lover and a partner will open your eyes and make you understand why things are happening.

2. Indulge In Recreation

What used to interest the two of you? Indulge in some good old play time where you forget about everything and just have a good time. It will really lighten the tension and also help you reconnect with happy memories.

3. The Need To Be Right

A lot of times, our need to be right gets the better of us. You forget that your spouse is also a person with feelings. A lot of times you see her as somebody who just waits for you at home with open arms and hot food on the table. Give up your need to be right all the time.

4. Affection

There’s nothing like affection to change the mood of your partner. Be involved, be present, and show affection. Remember the times that have passed. With some warmth and affection, you will see that your partner will change for the better. Eventually, so will your marriage.

Doing this yourself won’t work, of course. It has to be a group effort with the group being you and your partner. For more tips on improving relationships, read other posts on our blog.