Are You Sabotaging Yourself? Stop Being Your Worst Enemy When It Comes To Love

When things don’t go our way, we usually look for the enemy outside ourselves. Likewise, in relationships that sink we tend to look for the culprit without ever imagining that we may actually be it. Has it ever crossed your mind that your worst enemy when it comes to you is none other than yourself?

Can you be your worst enemy when it comes to dating? See how.
Sometimes the culprit for your bad dating experiences may be closer than you think.

Can Your Own Self Be Your Worst Enemy?

It might sound hard to believe, but read the following situations and you might find some a little too familiar.

They say that good things come to those who wait. But you are the kind of person who doesn’t like waiting. So, when it comes to your love life good things don’t come to you often. If you have ever dated a girl who seemed keen on you but still found her too reluctant to move forward, ask yourself if you gave her enough time. Putting people under pressure may scare them away.

Next time you meet someone you like, don’t rush things. You will find that taking baby steps is far more stable and secure than making giant leaps, even in relationships. Don’t hurry things.

Another thing people do that puts a great strain on their relationship is to project their own insecurities on their partner. If you lack confidence and keep doubting yourself, you are likely to be projecting that self-doubt and insecurity on your partner, accusing them of unsubstantiated things and not enjoying your time with them.

Unless you change the way you see yourself, there is no way a relationship can work for you, as your actions will simply make sure your self-fulfilling prophecy will come true.

One of the most serious ways you may be your own dating nightmare is the way you set your standards. Even though having certain standards when it comes to choosing a partner is a sign of self-respect, setting unrealistic ones is a bad sign. A person who sets the bar unrealistically high is probably a person who doesn’t like being rejected, and so prefers to be the one doing the rejecting himself, thus depriving himself of any real connection.

If you are finding that no one is good enough for you, it is possible that you are subconsciously ruining your own chances of finding love.

We are not saying that you are necessarily to blame for being single, of course. There are many other reasons why that may be the case. But if you have recognized a little part of you in the situations described above, it may be time to sit down for a good and honest chat with your own self. Who knows? He may change from being your worst enemy to being your best friend.

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