Do You Think You Have Sarmassophobia?

If you are experiencing a certain fear of dating and relationships, then you might be suffering from sarmassophobia. Literally speaking, it’s like the fear of connection, intimacy, and everything else related to it. It includes fear of situations, objects, activities, or even people involved in kissing or flirting that happens during dates.

Do You Think You Have Sarmassophobia? | Asian Date

Suffering From Sarmassophobia

If you are feeling afraid of trying out online dating, or dating in general, for fear that it will eventually lead to intimacy, or if you keep covering up your status as single blessedness, you might really have sarmassophobia. Below are some signs and symptoms of this psychological condition:

1. Intimacy is bad.

This may depend on the person’s upbringing or past experiences because technically, sarmassophobia is a fear of “love play.” Anything in dating, including intimacy, is scary. The person suffering from this fear may have been told that relationships are bad by their parents or religious leaders, so growing up, they have developed the fear. And, that keeps them from having a healthy relationship.

2. The fear of getting pregnant.

Some women, especially those who have never been intimate before, still believe that a kiss or the first intimate act, can get them pregnant. This is especially true in some societies where intimacy is taboo. That keeps them from indulging in love play. Getting pregnant out of wedlock is shunned upon by many societies, so it is no wonder why some women live in fear. A visit to the doctor should clear this out.

3. Past trauma.

Many people have experienced traumatic childhoods. Their upsetting past keeps them from experiencing a healthy relationship in the present. If this is the case, a person will really benefit from visiting a therapist and getting counseling. It helps to identify where these fears come from in order to be able to overcome them.

“Getting over it” Will Take Some Time

Sarmassophobia is real. It affects many people but mostly women. A psycho-sexual therapist and relationship counselor would help the person immensely in overcoming this fear. However, it takes time and a lot of patience. But, a determined person and a dedicated counselor will eventually bring the person out of this predicament.

Yes, you can still have a normal and happy relationship in spite of your past. You can get help. For more tips, make sure to read other posts on the blog.