Science Based Signs Of Falling In Love

How can we be absolutely sure that we are falling in love? Of course, the signs we’ve seen in movies – your heart rate raising when you see the person, you feel fireworks when you kiss and so on – are all valid. But, what can validity our falling for a person should be based on scientific study. What does science say about the signs we feel when falling in love?

Science Based Signs Of Falling In Love | Asian Date

Science Says These Signs Confirm That We Are Falling In Love

Our body has interesting ways of telling us that we are falling for a person. See if you can spot the indicators below. If you can it means that you are head over heels for someone:

1. Love in the eyes

Have you ever found yourself staring at the person you’re dating? Science says that focusing our eyes on something means that we are fixated with that something, or in this case, someone. Love also comes in the eyes because eye to eye contact indicates a strong romantic connection, research states.

2. Always on cloud nine

Research done by the Kinsey Institute discovered that the brain of a person who is in love looks very much similar to a brain of a person who has taken a leisure drug. This is because of the dopamine in our brain which is released on both circumstances. The chemical dopamine is the one responsible for us always feeling like we’re high or we are on cloud nine.

3. Happiness for the other person

Research says that one way for you to tell that you are truly in love is if you want the other person to be happy. This is called “compassionate love”. Research also suggests that it is a sign that the relationship you are in is a healthy one.

4. Prone to stress

This indicator is a little ironic because common knowledge will tell you that being in love means that you feel good all the time. That may be true but you’re also susceptible to stress. We have our brains to thank for this because it releases cortisol to our body. If you’re feeling sensitive these days, it may be because you’re falling for someone already.

5. Less pain

Stanford University School of Medicine conducted a research to find out the connection between pain and falling in love. The results are surprising – being in love could reduce moderate pain by 40% and severe pain by up to 15%.

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