There’s A Scientific Explanation For Why We Feel Hangry

When your stomach is growling from hunger, you will naturally get irritable and it is easy for you to snap at people, even at the slightest provocation. Your reaction can sometimes be over the top. These are just some of the things that can happen when you feel hangry – the kind of anger that is spurred by hunger.

Hangry: There's A Scientific Explanation As To Why We Feel It | Asian Date

What Goes On When You Feel Hangry

In the past, many researchers have concluded that “hanger” is a result of low levels of blood sugar and various hormones in the body, which cause you to feel aggressive. The premise is correct, however, new studies have revealed that so many more things are happening when a person feels hangry.

Increased Stress Levels

When you are hungry, your body is experiencing higher stress levels than normal, even without any irritant. So when something upsetting happens around you, you are easily triggered to the point of feeling like an erupting volcano. Even a simple news item that is totally unrelated to you can make you blow up. Or, you can even get angry at yourself for incompetence when you realize your simple limitations.

Feeling More Hateful

People have things that they love and things that they hate. But, when you feel hangry, the hate is multiplied many times over. So when you are exposed to something that you don’t like while your stomach is empty, your reactions can be debilitating to anyone concerned.

Focusing On The External

When you are hungry, you can no longer think rationally. You can no longer process your emotions properly. Instead, your focus has shifted to the happenings around you and you just act according to the factors around you. Even the slightest touch from someone you don’t like can easily provoke you. And, even your date, partner or children are not spared.

It is best to eat properly at the right times in order to avoid instances when you feel hangry. Just imagine if you are at work – being hangry can make you do things that you’re not supposed to. This could also be bad for your loved ones, too, when you are at home. So eat properly. Share this post if you found it helpful and don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog for reviews and others tips.