The Most Serious Mistakes People Make In The Early Dating Period

Even though all stages of relationships are demanding, the most difficult one has to be the beginning stage. That’s because we’re talking about a period when you hardly know anything about your date and they know next to nothing about you, so a wrong move may put them off for good. Here is how to deal with some of the most serious mistakes made in the early dating period.

The early dating period is one of the most fun and hardest ones.
Avoid these common mistakes in the early stages of your dating.

Learn How To Avoid These Early Dating Period Mistakes

There is no way you won’t make blunders as you get to know your date better and better. But the seriousness of your mistakes is what matters. Make sure you avoid the most serious among them. This is how.


While we are all for being open and vulnerable on dates, as this is the only way to lay the foundations for a strong relationship, sharing too much too soon is one of the most common and serious mistakes as you get to know someone. You may be eager to tell her all about you, but keep the details to yourself and try to maintain light conversation in the early stages of your dating. There will be time for the deeper, profound talks later on.

Texting Too Much Or Too Little.

You may want to text her 24/7, with every chance you get, but that may make you come across as too needy or desperate. We are all for breezing, not taking ages to reply to her messages, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow her space to breathe.

On the other end of the spectrum, not texting her enough for fear of being too vulnerable or keen is also a mistake. That’s because it might give her the false impression you are not interested in her enough to communicate more frequently.

Assuming You’re Exclusive.

In the early dating stages, it is wrong to automatically assume that you are being exclusive unless you have explicitly made such an arrangement. In fact, you should assume the exact opposite: that her social media accounts will be frequented by previous flames or potential boyfriends, as will yours. If you want to end your multiple dating days, it is best to discuss it with her and clear the air instead of getting upset every time she interacts with another guy.

Comparing her.

In the early stages of a relationship, we are often tempted to compare our new dates with previous flings or lovers, but that’s totally wrong and unfair. Especially in the cases where we are coming straight from a serious relationship, it is easy to fall into this trap and lose the chance to appreciate the person we are seeing for who they really are, as we are too busy making comparisons and being judgmental.

Make your early dating period with her as carefree and happy as possible by avoiding these easy-to-make errors. Instead, focus on how to woo her and cherish this emotionally charged period while it lasts.