Should You Be Following The 8-Year Rule When Dating?

Love knows no age and age is merely a number, most would say. Because of how grand an emotion we believe love is, most of us think that it can conquer anything – distance, language and even age. Well, it could be possible since we’ve already encountered plenty of successful relationships, especially on, that have overcome the challenges mentioned. So, this brings us to the 8-year rule most people follow.

Should You Be Following The 8-Year Rule When Dating? | AsianDate
Should you follow this dating rule? Should you date younger women?

What You Need To Know About The 8-Year Rule

Are you familiar with the 8-year rule? If not, it’s a dating rule that’s focused on the age of the people you date. The rule says that you should not be dating anyone who is more than eight years older or younger than you. Eight years is the maximum age gap that you should have with your potential partner. Of course, while we believe that love conquers all, there might be something to this 8-year rule. Should you follow it? Maybe.

Why 8 Years?

Naturally, the first question you’re going to ask is why eight years and not 5 or 7? When you date someone who is 5-8 years younger or older, for example, the age difference is not significant enough to create a disconnect. Simply put, anyone who has an age gap of more than eight years may not be able to relate to each other deeply because the generational gap is too wide.

When you’re in a relationship, you need to be able to connect with the other person. A deep connection in the relationship is possible when the couple understands and relates to each other. This may not take in relationships with an age gap of more than eight years.

Why You Need To Follow The 8-Year Rule

When you’re dating someone who is younger, it’s possible that they may:

  • Still be living with their parents
  • Develop co-dependency issues
  • Not communicate as effectively as you hoped they would

On the other hand, when you’re dating someone who is older than you, he or she might be at a different point in his or her life. It’s possible that your priorities may not align with each other. There’s a reason why we tend to date people who are of the same age as us, and it all boils down to connecting with people because you have a lot in common.

Of course, you can always be the exception to the rule, so you never know. If you truly believe in the saying that love conquers all, you should still go for it despite the risk. But, if you feel that you can connect better with a person you have a lot in common with, you can apply the rule to your dating life. For more relationship tips, check out more posts from our blog.