Are You Showing Affection? This Is Why You Should Do It

Let’s not hide the fact that we sometimes feel like showing affection in a relationship is no longer necessary. There are more important things to be done like chores, work, or even taking care of the kids. Yes, prioritizing what needs to be done keeps things going, but we don’t have to put affection in the back seat, especially when the person we’re dating is very important to us.

Are You Showing Affection - This Is Why You Should Do It | Asian Date

Showing Affection Should Be A Priority In Every Relationship

Life happens, and most of us would get this phrase instantly. We become too busy or too tired to show our partner how truly we care for and adore them. We’re probably thinking, “They’re still going to be here tomorrow, anyway. I’ll show them some affection then.” However, we don’t always follow through. We need to re-prioritize everything. With the help of the reasons listed below, we might begin to see the real importance of showing affection:

1. Showing physical affection releases happy hormones.

There’s a reason why hugging, holding hands, and kissing feel good to us. According to a study, these acts actually trigger the elevation of oxytocin in our body. Oxytocin is a hormone that produces a calming and relaxing effect in our bodies.

2. Showing affection equals marital love.

You’re showing that you are happy and contented in your relationship when you show affection frequently. This is based on one study that discovered the amount of affection in the relationship is equal to how often the couple says they love each other.

3. Affection makes you appear more trustworthy.

Everyone has probably encountered a hurt in the past that resulted in trust issues. If you find yourself facing trust issues in your relationship, showing affection may be the key for your partner to trust you fully. Based on a study, showing affection makes you appear more trustworthy.

Affection is such an important element in a relationship. We should be making showing affection one of our priorities because it is essential to building a loving partnership with the person we are in love with. For more tips on relationships, make sure to read the rest of our blog.