Have You Ever Had A Sidebarring Experience Before?

When we are on our dating app, we need to give our full attention to the wonderful person we’re chatting with. Of course, this is easy for us because we’re on our phones most of the time as we chat back and forth. However, do we have the focus to put our phones down when we meet with our date in real life? If you have encountered a date who is always in his or her phone, then you have already had a sidebarring experience.

Have You Ever Had A Sidebarring Experience Before? | Asian Date

Sidebarring Is Putting Someone on Hold To Check One’s Phone

Imagine that you are in a restaurant or cafe with your date. Suddenly, you hear a beep. It’s your date’s phone. Your date then whips out his or her phone to check the message. This is sidebarring. Generally, it’s not just about checking messages. Sidebarring happens when your date checks his or her phone in front of you. It could be checking social media updates, chat messages, and even emails.

Sidebarring Is Downright Rude

You may think that it is not possible for a person to be so rude as to check his or her phone in front of you while on a date. But, it happens. It happens more often than you think especially with today’s culture. Most of us can barely go a day without holding our phones.

What To Do In Case This Happens To You

Definitely, no one wants to be sidebarred. However, if it happens to you while you’re on your date, you have to think about the kind of person you’re seeing. It may not be good to hear, but perhaps your date isn’t as into you as you thought.

It’s your call. You can either cut the date short, or you can go on with the date. After, you can tell the person you’re seeing that you want to stop dating. You can also give them a second chance. It’s totally up to you. Definitely, it depends on the situation.

Just remember that not emergency situations are not considered as sidebarring. Also, if your date says “Excuse me” to check his or her phone, then apologizes for interrupting the date, then it’s not sidebarring at all. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.