Signs That Say You’re Being Kittenfished

We have all heard of an online dater being catfished, but have you ever heard of someone being kittenfished? It’s a very similar online dating trend, but it’s a lighter version of it. For example, if your online date says that he or she is five foot eleven, but looks shorter (like five feet) in real life, then you have just been kittenfished.

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Being Kittenfished Is Still A Big Deal

Catfishing is never acceptable because one person is pretending to another. With kittenfishing, on the other hand, many are open to accepting the fault because it’s just a white lie or a fib. When you accept this, then you are starting off a potential relationship on the wrong foot. You have to start with trust, and with kittenfishing, you’re not pretending to be someone else, but you are still misrepresenting yourself in a big way. So, how would you know that you are being kittenfished:

It Doesn’t Add Up

If you take a look at the photos and review the information that your potential date is saying, there is something that doesn’t seem to add up. Your date might seem to have a full head of hair in the photos, but he mentioned, unknowingly, that he is bald. Your date’s profile may say that she is in Ukraine, but she says otherwise when you finally chat with each other.

“Facts” Are Inconsistent

When you lie about something or anything, you cannot keep up the lie for long. Even if you become good at it for the first few weeks, you’ll come to a point where you become inconsistent. This is the second sign that you are being kittenfished.

Idealistic Description

Is a person too good to be true? Then, he or she likely is. It’s alright to compliment yourself, but you should always share your shortcomings (especially the funny ones) so your date knows that you are human. If you don’t, and you portray yourself as a prince or princess, you are being unrealistic.

What To Do When You Are Being Kittenfished

If you spot all of the three signs in your current online date, you have to decide whether you want to continue with your correspondence or not. It really is your call because you are the best judge of the situation. No matter how small or big a lie is, it’s still a lie, remember this. For more tips and updates, read other posts on the blog.