These Signs Tell Women That You’re Not The Marrying Type

When you are in the dating game for casual purposes, then you can probably find a match fast. In fact, because of how common dating is through an app or through a website, you might find yourself a new match every day. However, this doesn’t tell the ones who are seriously looking for a serious relationship that you are the marrying type.

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The Marrying Type Never Have These Values

First of all, this isn’t to say that going online to date casually is a bad thing. If your date is also looking for a casual arrangement, then that’s alright. However, if you’re into dating because you want to find a life partner, someone who you would like to be with you for a lifetime, then you should never have the following values:

1. No Children

The marrying type will always look forward to starting a family. Having children, although not everyone wants to have them right away, is one way to signify how serious you are about building a future with the person you have chosen to be with. If you don’t want children (as in no children at all), no woman is going to believe that you are the marrying type.

2. Questions The Value Of Marriage

Yes, the divorce rates all over the world are still rising. However, the instances of divorce do not, and never will, devalue marriage. A man who is not the marrying type will always question the value of marriage even divorce never existed. He will find any reason to mask his fear of being tied down.

3. Losing Personal Freedom

One of the many fears of a man who will never be interested in marriage is that is scared to lose his personal freedom. He will always speak against marriage – how he knows married friends who are miserable, unhappy, and so on.

We all falter, sometimes, especially when we are dating online. It is alright if you are guilty of one or two of the values above. Starting today, you can always change your dating habits and perspectives. You can also do your best to sort out and solve your own issues. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.