A Single’s Guide To Surviving Valentine’s

You don’t need to fret about surviving Valentine’s Day when you’re single. Yes, everyone around you will be all lovey-dovey. Women will be carrying bouquets of flowers or boxes of chocolates. And, men will have their beautiful girlfriends on their arms as they make their way to fancy restaurants.

A Single's Guide To Surviving Valentine's | Asian Date

Surviving Valentine’s Day With These Tips

Indeed, Valentine’s can be an isolating experience for singles, but it shouldn’t be daunting with the suggestions we have. Instead of considering February 14th a day for couples, why not look at it as a day for yourself? Try these suggestions out:

1. Do Something Nice For Yourself

Do you need to de-stress a little bit because of all that’s happening on Vday? Then, go ahead. Pamper yourself. Book a hair appointment to get your hair done. Book a spa session where you can relax and unwind. Better yet, go shopping for yourself.

2. Spend The Day With Friends

Who says that you have to be alone during Valentine’s Day? Call up a few of your single friends. They may be feeling the same way as you. Go out with them and have a blast.

3. Online Dating

If you’re home alone, why not try online dating for the first time? If you’ve already signed up to dating apps and sites, try ones that you have not used before. February 14th is usually a busy day for dating apps and websites because people are more inclined to find matches.

4. Escape Valentine’s With A Short Road Trip

Was there a place near your city that you haven’t gone to before? For example, a museum that’s an hour away. Or, an attraction that you can simply drive to. Going on a short road trip to destinations you haven’t seen before can distract you from the idea of Valentine’s.

5. Work Out

If you’re already hitting the gym, going on an extended work out on Valentine’s Day can be a great way to let off some steam. If you haven’t had the chance to go to the gym, now is the perfect time to start.

Surviving Valentine’s Day is all a matter of changing your perspective. Don’t get so worked up on because you think that it’s only a celebration for couples and lovers. Do something nice for yourself. For more tips about love and self-improvement, read more posts on our blog.