Your Smartphone Choice Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

It seems almost everyone nowadays, young and old, has a smartphone. Life is not complete without the handy smartphone for calls, SMS, its calendar, games, and many other things. But, do you know that your smartphone choice can tell a lot about your personality? It will also tell your date what kind of person you are.

Your Smartphone Choice Reveals A Lot About Your Personality | Asian Date

You Personality Is Much Like The Characteristics Of Your Smartphone Choice

Basically, there are three main kinds or brands of smartphones that people commonly choose. See if you can spot the phone you’re using now, then read about what it says about your personality:

1. The iPhone user.

The iPhone users seem to use their unit more often than the users of other brands. Generally, users of the Apple are extroverts. They also love international travel and they indulge in life’s luxuries that make them feel good, such as getting facials and body massages. They can also be sporty and kind of vain because they are more image-conscious than other smartphone users. They are also typically very ambitious, moving up the corporate ladder pretty fast.

2. The Android user.

On the other hand, the Android phone is the top choice of artists and creative people. The Android users are mostly chefs, designers, or anybody who is in the business of creating. It also seems that they tend to watch more TV and some profiles reveal that they drink more alcohol than iPhone users. According to a study done by Telstra, Samsung users like to exercise but they also like sedentary activities, like playing video games. Meanwhile, it was discovered in the same study that HTC (an android phone) users are mostly men who are not very agreeable and have a rather relaxed attitude towards work. Yes, all these information can be gathered just from the smartphone you carry.

3. The Blackberry user.

The busiest people usually prefer the Blackberry. That is because the Blackberry users send the most e-mails and messages, which are more convenient in this device. Additionally, they’re the biggest earners, as they are often working in finance or property. They also drink a lot of coffee or tea.

We know that the smartphone is already so much a part of our modern and very digital lives. If you are dating someone, you will glean a lot about them from their smartphone choice. For more posts, check out the rest of our blog.