Solid Tips About Privacy In Relationships

Privacy in relationships can be tricky. Not a lot of couples handle this specific issue very well. One could think that transparency is key while the other thinks that a bit of privacy is healthy. Which one is right? How do you deal with the issue of privacy in relationships?

Solid Tips About Privacy In Relationships | Asian Date

Important Notes On Privacy In Relationships

It’s especially hard to think about privacy when your opinions differ from your partner’s. No matter how much friction you may be experiencing it’s best to give everything a rest. Take a breather from all the talks on privacy so both you and your loved one can collect your thoughts. When you’ve already given the issue a rest, here are notes on privacy in relationships that could help with your situation:

Secrets Are Different From Privacy

Most mistake keeping secrets as maintaining privacy. No, it’s totally different. Privacy is defined as a condition where one is free from observation or free from being disturbed by other people. A secret, on the other hand, is something that wasn’t meant to be known by people. Do you see the difference?

So, when you caught your loved one keeping a secret from you, there’s a bit of deceit in the mix. This is different from giving someone their privacy – allowing the person to live his or her own life without someone prying.

Three Questions To Ask

If you’re on the other side of the coin, and you’re the one who wants to be totally transparent, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does it benefit my relationship?
  • How will my prying benefit me?
  • How will my invasion benefit my partner?

These questions should help you put things into the right perspective. When a question is burning at the back of your head, don’t blurt it out. Think long and hard about the answers to the three questions here before you carry out your plan to pry.


The last note on privacy on relationships is, perhaps, the most important. Be empathetic about why your partner may be feeling this way. It’s possible that he or she may have been hurt, badly, in the past and you should understand that. However, your partner has to deal with something within themselves. Help him or her realize that your current relationship will never be similar to the past ones.

It’s all about communication. Whether you believe that absolute transparency needs to be practiced or not, it’s best if you talk it out with your partner. Try to meet at a middle ground and help one another get over past baggage. For more tips on relationships, read more of our blog.