Why Stonewalling Is Never Good For Your Relationship

If you’re familiar with the term stonewalling, you’ll know that it’s not usually used in terms of dating or relationships. It’s more common to use it in political discussions or business negotiations. It means to purposefully evade answering questions or giving out replies.

Why Stonewalling Is Never Good For Your Relationship | Asian Date

Chronic Stonewalling Is Like Sweeping Everything Under A Rug

When it comes to relationships, a couple could be stonewalling because they no longer want to engage in a fight or argument. It’s understandable to walk away from an angry discussion, but you and your partner have to talk it out eventually. This doesn’t happen in stonewalling. It’s like sweeping everything under a rug.

1. It Feels Like Your Message Is Being Shut Down

If your partner is the one who is doing the stonewalling, you might feel like your message is being shut down. Imagine being in an argument. You go back and forth for a while, then, suddenly, your partner stops answering your questions. It’s frustrating because he or she isn’t letting you get your message across.

2. Feelings Are Not Acknowledged

When someone gives you the silent treatment, it could feel like your feelings are not being acknowledged. For example, you’re in the heat of the moment and you suddenly say, “Why can’t you see that what you did is hurting me so?” Then, your partner just keeps silent or changes the topic. Ouch!

3. One Person Will Feel Unimportant

When you are stonewalled, it could seem like your questions aren’t important enough to be acknowledged and answered. It’s never a good feeling to have especially when you expect the opposite because you’re in a relationship with the person you love.

It’s never good to be in a relationship and feel like your not important enough to be heard. Because of this feeling, your relationship could slowly be rotting away from the inside. Instead of avoiding questions, face them head on even if it’s going to be hard to get your message across. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.