You Have Got To Stop Having A Conquest Mindset

In your dating life, you have probably never heard of the conquest mindset. Most men have it, but they are unaware that they do. This type of mindset is ineffective when it comes to approaching women. It may make you sound cocky, desperate, or even repulsive.

You Have Got To Stop Having A Conquest Mindset | Asian Date

Everything You Need To Know About The Conquest Mindset

As soon as you see a lady that you like, you’re probably thinking that you need to make her smile or that she needs to like you as you interact with each other. This is what’s called the conquest mindset – a man thinks, beforehand, that he needs to conquer a woman with his actions and words. It isn’t (won’t) work out for you because:

1. The Conquest Mindset Causes Anxiety

Your focus is the conquest. Of course, you’re not going to know if you will achieve your victory or not. For most, this causes a lot of anxiety. Probably, there are plenty of what-ifs going through their head. The fear of rejection and the fear of not being enough sets in next.

2. You Won’t Deliver Natural Lines

You might be tempted to manipulate your lines so you have a better chance. Aside from your lines or topics, you might also be tempted with tweaking the truth so you can impress the girl in front of you. We all want to be appear wonderful in other people’s eyes. But, will it be the truth? Remember that honesty is one of the foundations a healthy relationship is made of.

3. The Fear Of Rejection Might Be Overwhelming

As mentioned, the fear of getting rejected will settle in after you go through with your anxiety. It’s good if you’re the type that manages their anxiety well, but most men don’t. Most men panic in this situation which results in avoidance. Instead of being overcome by the fear of rejection, it would be easier to just walk away and never interact with any lady. How is this going to help?

Instead of having the conquest mindset, men should have a connection mindset. Instead of “conquering” women or trying to win her over, your main goal should be to connect with her and get to know her better. Whether there will be a spark will be present or not, this approach is healthier on your self-esteem. For more dating tips and updates, read other posts on the blog.