Annoying Struggles Asian-American Ladies Face

Do you think that Asian-American ladies have a certain allure because they are exotic to the dating world? Then, you may be contributing to their plight. When you’re into Asian dating, you have to understand the struggles that Asian ladies in America face if you want to succeed.

Annoying Struggles Asian-American Ladies Face | Asian Date

Common Pet-Peeves Of Asian-American Ladies

Remember that we’re talking about Asian females who were born and who grew up in the States. If you happen to meet one online or offline, then you absolutely have to avoid the following if you want to make a good first impression:

1. Asking Where They Are From

You don’t need to ask an Asian-American girl where she is from. Do you see what the problem is here? Obviously, she was born in the States so she is from the States. You don’t need to assume that she automatically came from China or Japan because that’s just plain offensive.

2. Complementing Their English Skills

If the girl you’re interested in was born in the States, then it’s possible that English is her first language. There are plenty of Asian-Americans who can’t speak their parents’ native tongue fluently even if they speak the dialect around the house.

3. Assuming That They May Not Be Well-Educated

There’s a common misconception about the education in Asia. Most foreigners think that it may not be enough or at par with the Western standards of education. That may be true in some cases, but please remember that there are plenty of schools in Asia that produce the most brilliant Engineers or IT people, to name a few. Don’t automatically lord over your Western education.

Remember, try not to mention any of the above when you chat or talk to Asian-American females. It may work with ladies who are born and raised in Asia but never to those who have adapted to the culture and way of thinking of another culture. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.