Taking Your Online Dating Further: Why You Should Set The First Date

There’s no doubt that dating online can be lots of fun and very interesting. There is a certain appeal to being in your comfort zone and flirting away, using all these fun emojis and GIFs. However, you should not lose sight of the actual purpose of online dating – to meet the woman of your dreams and find happiness together. These are the reasons why you should set the first date when the time is right.

Maybe it's time to set the first date - here's why.
If she ticks all the boxes, what are you waiting for?

Why It Makes Sense To Set The First Date

After you’ve spent some time getting to know her online, there are quite a few reasons to arrange to meet her for the first time. Here are the most important among them.

You shouldn’t get caught up in a messaging cycle

Like all relationships that need to keep moving forward, dating has to progress too. Texting, e-mailing and chatting online may be a great start to getting to know someone, but at some point, you will have to move forward or it will all get boring and repetitive.

You may be very pleasantly surprised

Imagine if you are finding her irresistible as you chat online, what possibilities that sparks will fly there are when you end up meeting her in person. You don’t want to be beating yourself up for waiting too long before you meet her, do you?

Organizing A Date Is Fun

From choosing the kind of date you want to go on (will it be a movie? Dinner? Skiing?), to finding the ideal time (morning, evening or night?) and making all the preparations for it (like making reservations or buying the necessary equipment), there is a whole ritual to organizing a date that is quite exciting itself. Enjoy organizing everything and then watching it come to life when you finally meet her.

Making Memories Is Precious

There are two ways a date can go: well or badly. Either way, you will come out of it with a new experience. And life is all about the chances we take. You will not remember “that day you stayed at home and texted”, but you will remember “that date you went on with the lady you had met online”, even if the date ends up being unsuccessful.

So, why wait? If she ticks all your boxes, don’t waste any more time. Pluck up the courage and arrange that first meet. Best case scenario: you end up with a life partner. Worst case scenario: you end up with a great story.

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