This Is How Talking To Strangers Can Change Your Life

We have always been taught to never talk to strangers. Our moms have probably drilled this rule into our heads ever since we were three years old. As a result, we grow up not saying hello to our neighbors, or giving a care about talking to strangers who we meet everyday on our usual bus ride home.

This Is How Talking To Strangers Can Change Your Life | Asian Date

This Study Contradicts What Our Moms Have Taught Us

When we were younger, this rule may have work to keep ourselves safe, but in today’s world, the rule may not work anymore in the context of socialization.

When we think about it, we can merely say that we have friends to socialize with, but our friends won’t always be there. We can all probably agree that humans are social animals. We need some form of interaction, and this is what the research wanted to prove – to reveal that a positive experience can come from talking to strangers.

The Procedure & Results

The researchers were from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. They asked the participants to choose from the following options when commuting:

  • Talk to a stranger in close proximity.
  • Remain disconnected from the people around.
  • Commute as normal (no changes).

As expected, those who interacted with strangers were able to report a more positive experience. Researchers mentioned that there is, indeed, pleasure or happiness when connecting with people.

They also concluded that our lack of interaction with the people around us comes from our misconception of social interaction. We may be thinking that a more unpleasant experience will stem from talking to someone random. However, this research proves otherwise.

Practical Application

In a practical sense, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. The next time you see a pretty lady on the train, bus, or subway ride home, don’t hesitate to say hello. You may just be surprised at how positive the lady’s response is to your greeting.

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